New head canon

I see a lot of fics where Norman and Dipper meet and instant buddies

But what if…

hear me out

What If…

They didn’t like each other at first…like Dipper thinks Norman is lying about his ability is something of a con artist like Gideon and tries to prove that he’s a fake.

And Norman seeing this animosity, plus the fact that Norman is older, thinks he’s some kind of bully and tries to avoid him. But Dipper keeps trying to corner him and question his credibility. Which causes Norman to feel frightened and lash out verbally.

Dipper doesn’t mean to frighten him, or make him feel intimidated all he wants is the truth. But Norman insults Dipper before he can apologize (Something about how he doesn’t have any friends other than his sister because he’s a bully, or how he should stop pretending to be an adult and act his age) and Dipper just shuts his mouth and walks away hurt and pissed

So they become sort of enemies, and they run into each other in the woods Norman following a ghost and Dipper trying to find today’s baddie. After an awkward stand-off the two just turn away from each other, not saying anything.

Shortly afterwards Dipper hears a scream and runs towards it seeing Norman being captured by some creature, like an ogre or something, and Dipper outsmarts it and manages to save Norman.

Norman is fine for the most part but Dipper hurt his ankle saving Norman and can’t walk but he’s trying to anyway because he’s trying to be manly.

And Norman without even saying anything just goes to Dipper’s side, grabs him by the waist taking most of the weight off his foot and they hobble back to the shack.

And there would be awkward silence where they wouldn’t really know what to say to each other. So Norman decides to be the bigger man.

"Thanks for saving me Dipper"

There, my weekly contribution to the fandom:

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