Big Four Fandom: You can have your pairings without demonizing characters: A Rant

First I would like to point out that this isn’t about everyone. This is mostly about Astrid and how she is characterized within this fandom. Most of the time she either doesn’t exist or is being portrayed as some angry harpy that Hiccup is merely ‘settling’ for until something better comes along (ex. the assigned love interest for you story whether it be Rapunzel, Merida and yes, even Jack.)

Not only is that completely out of character for Hiccup, who I don’t think could ever be so cruel as to brush aside someone of such huge importance (she’s his first love!), but it is also EXTREMELY irritating for me to see Astrid portrayed in such a way.

Why? Because it’s weak story telling, that’s why.

Demonizing a character or just cutting him/her out of a character’s life so you can tell the story with the pairing you want is a a cop-out. If you can’t come up with a better reason for your particular pairing to be together then why have them.

Give me something I can believe. Give me turmoil, hurt, and angst. Give me bad choices with consequences and eventual shaky resolutions. Give her a personality make her be a supportive friend first and a jealous ex second. Make it less about the main pairings and more about all the other relationships too.

Make believable characterizations, because Astrid is awesome (and holy hell I could ship her with Merida. That’s my fem slash otp.)

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    have never seen HTTYD or Brave but now I ship Astrid/Merida. THANKS FANDOM How did those 4 ended up being one?
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